International Enrolment

Kurrun Primary School prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community and welcomes International Student applications, believing that all children deserve the opportunity to a strong and supportive education.

Student Visas

Many of the students and families in our community are currently on working or students Visas. Depending on the Visa type and number of the student visa and in some instances the parent, students will need to apply to the DET International Division.

The following Visa numbers require an application for enrolment through the International Division:
173 400 417 456 459 462 500* 570 571* 572 573 575 600 601 602 651 675 676 679 685 686 771 773 884 944 956 976 977
* Some only not all



International Student Enrolment Process

Step 1

All International Students wishing to attend a Victorian Government School are first required to apply through International Student Program. There are four different types of application, dependant on your individual visa status and all of these can be found here.


Step 2

Collect or download the Kurrun Primary Student Enrolment Form

Whilst you await the outcome of your International Student Program application, complete and return a copy of the Kurrun Priumary School Student Enrolment Form to

Step 3

Enrolment Documentation

All student enrolments must be formalised by providing copies of the following documentation:

  • Birth Certificate (English translated)
  • Immunisation Form from the Australian Immunisation Register
  • Proof of Residence (Tenancy Agreement, Contract of Sale, Builders Contract or Council Rates Notice)
  • Medical Management Plans (Asthma and Anaphylaxis)
  • Documentation for any Wellbeing alerts (Intervention Orders and additional learning support needs)
  • Visa information

Step 4

Sign Letter of Offer and Written Agreement from the International Student Program and Pay the relevant international fees.

To accept your offer of a Victorian Education, you need to sign and return the Agreement before paying the relevant international fees. Information on fees can be found here.


Step 5

Be accepted for enrolment by the school.

Once the school have recieved confirmation of your acceptance from the International Student Program we can assess your application for a place at Kurrun Primary School. You may be invited in for a tour with our Principal, Gavan Hughes, are asked to provide further information to support your application.


International students are required to pay both international student fees as well as the determined School fees for the current year. All international fees and school fees must be paid prior to the student commencing enrolment. Please be aware that students cannot commence enrolment until all school and international fees are paid in full.



For further information about the application process and the options for international students in Victoria please contact or visit the International Student Program: