Parent Partnerships

At Kurrun Primary School, we believe that students have the greatest opportunity to maintain high levels of learning and well-being when students, families and the school work in partnership. We greatly value parents and carers having active roles within the school. There are several ways that parents and carers can be involved in the school including:

  • Volunteering
  • School Assemblies
  • Community events including celebrations and open days
  • School Council


Kurrun Primary School Council

We are fortunate to have a highly dedicated School Council committee that meets every 8 weeks to discuss how we can best meet the needs of our staff, students and growing community. School Councils have three main areas of discussion:

  • Finance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Development and Review

They are also responsible for decisions around fundraising, maintaining school grounds and facilities and advocating for the community.

2024 School Council Committee Members

Shayna Raval | President and Parent Member

Rebecca Bond | Vice President and Parent Member

Sal Murgana | Secretary and School Employee Member

Sukhbir Kaur | Parent Member

Abbi Ainsworth | Parent Member

Ramana Kumar Anantapur | Parent Member

Emma Laird | Community Member

Pranav Mansingka | Community Member

Megan Ryan | School Employee Member

Gavan Hughes | Principal and School Employee Member

2024 Mothers and Special Others Picnic