Mission, Vision and Values


Kurrun Primary School’s mission is to create and maintain a collaborative school community to empower and inspire students to become interdependent contributors to their community.


Kurrun Primary School’s vision is for every student to be engaged with purposeful learning and making high levels of growth, every day.
At Kurrun Primary School students will learn the fundamental skills, knowledge, understandings and attitudes to be highly literate and numerate members of society and to develop and maintain high levels of personal wellbeing in an ever-changing world.

The Kurrun Primary School learning environment will be safe, orderly, supportive and stimulating. Diversity will be embraced and celebrated throughout the community, including the acknowledgement and celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories and cultures.

Strong collaborative partnerships will exist between students, staff, parents and the broader school community in meeting the individual learning and wellbeing needs of each student. Together we will inspire and support each learner to succeed as creative and curious thinkers, who are connected, adaptable and resilient citizens, displaying empathy and courage.


Kurrun Primary School’s values are Inclusion, Courage, Aspiration, Respect and Empathy (I CARE).


Inclusion is ensuring that everyone feels like they belong and are part of the school community. In displaying inclusion, we maximise opportunities for people to participate in school life and we embrace and celebrate diversity.


Courage is accepting challenges and embracing opportunities. In displaying courage, we are brave, persist, stand up for what is important and we do the right thing, even when it is difficult to do.


Aspiration is having high expectations and achieving to a high level. We display aspiration when we set challenging goals and are relentless in the pursuit of these goals.


Respect is when we value ourselves, others and property. We display respect when we treat ourselves, others and property with kindness, courtesy and care.


Empathy is being able to share or understand the emotions and feelings of another person. We display empathy when we actively seek to understand how another person is feeling and show that we have care and compassion for that person.