Work at Kurrun

Why Work At Kurrun?

At Kurrun we nurture the talents and growth of every employee. We offer rewarding careers for educators and professional staff who are committed to our shared purpose of developing confident and compassionate young people, in a supportive and embracing environment.

Our employees are part of an inclusive and engaged community that celebrates diversity and offers everyone a chance to make an impactful contribution. Our staff cohort represents many years of experience with expertise in different fields and institutions, and we work together to deliver an education that is both informed and holistic.

‘It is wonderful to be a part of the Education Support team at Kurrun primary School.

We work together with the teachers to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where the students feel like they belong.

I have gratitude for the teachers passion and their ability to inspire students and help them to succeed and grow.’

Lou Jammas, Education Support

Lou joined Kurrun Primary School as a Teachers Aide at the beginning of 2024 and has quickly become an integral and valued member of our community, admired by both staff and students. She not only supports students in classrooms, but has also embraced the opportunity to mentor students in the wellbeing space.  

‘When I had my very first shift as a CRT at Kurrun Primary School, I instantly knew it would be such an amazing school to work at.

As soon as you walk in the doors of Kurrun, you are greeted by welcoming staff, the friendliest and most respectful students and such a vibrant, positive environment which makes me absolutely love going to work every single day.’

Vanessa Nanfra, Teacher

Vanessa demonstrates perfectly the opportunities for professional growth at Kurrun Primary School, making the move, with the full support of the team here at Kurrun, from regular graduate CRT to full-time teacher with her own dedicated classroom.

Interested in becoming a CRT at Kurrun?

We love to hear from passionate educators looking to join our team as a Casual Relief Teacher.

If you’re interested in being added to our books, please get in contact via and tell us a bit about your teaching experience and availability. All teachers will need to provide a valid VIT card.

Placement Opportunities

Teaching or Education Support placements are a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights into the workings of a busy primary school, such as Kurrun. If you are looking to complete your placement, feel free to contact us at and we can let you know if we have the capacity to help you achieve your required hours.

Current Opportunities

Applications close Tuesday 25 June 2024.

To apply visit Recruitment online and enter the job ID: 1420087

Applications close Tuesday 25 June 2024.

To apply visit Recruitment online and enter the job ID: 1420161